RAOK Challenge for October

Drive Through RAOKsOkay, folks. Here is your Random Act of Kindness Challenge for October. For those of you who are new to my site and my philosophies, this is simply doing something kind for another person (usually a stranger but not always) without any expectation of recognition or return on your investment of time or money. Here are some things my daughters and I have done in the past:

*Planted flowers in a dead flower bed while we knew the neighbor would be gone for the day.

*Left an envelope with 25.00 in the door of a home of a family we knew were struggling for money. It was cash and we put no name on it, but we did write on the envelope that we hoped God blessed them.

*Paid for the car behind us in the drive through of a fast food restaurant (we do this often).

*Sent flowers to a teen neighbor we knew was going through a hard time and signed it anonymously.

The best thing to do is to listen and pay attention and an opportunity will present itself. So here is your challenge.

1) Find one nice thing to do this month, whether it is to pay for the car behind you or doing something for a neighbor. Remember to try not to let them know who did this good deed. Sometimes you have to let them know. In those cases, decline their thanks and tell them to just pay it forward sometime.

2) Compliment at least one person a week. Please be sincere, though. Don’t lie. You can often find something you like about most people. Maybe it is his smile. Maybe the necklace she is wearing. And so on. We try to compliment cashiers at local stores. If I notice the person in front of me giving that person a really hard way to go, I always make an effort in this way. You’ve probably seen it. People can be downright nasty these days. Why not make him/her feel a little better with just a few kind words.

Then, come back here and post our RAOK in the comments area. I am getting a lot of spam in my comments, so I’ve set them to approval only. If you don’t see your comment appear, please email me and I may have to have you post it again and really look for it. I had 75 spam posts today alone. If anyone knows how to stop those, please let me know.

Have fun this month 🙂



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