Random Acts of Kindness – May

Hi everyone,

Have you done a RAK lately? Remember that the thing that seems so small to you may be huge to someone else. A word of encouragement when it is needed the most, a thoughtful card to let them know you care (not really random, but we’ll count it anyway) and even a much needed gift.

Have you noticed that when you give, you in turn receive? You may not always get back in money, though. Sometimes it is a situation that works itself out that seemed impossible to work out. Perhaps it is through the sheer happiness of seeing the joy from the person who received your RAK. Sometimes, your reward will be monetary.

Recently God prompted me to do a RAK that made me really step out of the boat of what I normally do. It wasn’t but a few hours later that a freelance job came through that paid me the exact amount that I’d spent on my RAK. That just shows how amazing God is and how he works things to the good for those who love Him.

So, what have you done for others lately? It’s a good question and one that you might want to answer after you’ve done your RAK for the month.

God bless!



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