Fall SkyDearest friends,

Fall has always been my favorite time of year, although I am beginning to grow a bit partial to summer as well. Imagine my delight when I walked outside last week and that first crisp fall day beckoned from my front porch. The air was a bit cooler and a slight breeze lifted my hair from my forehead. My little mini-dachshund (my doxie) threw her long nose up into the air, sniffed and just held her head up in the air, let the sun shine on her face, squeached (yes, I made that word up) her little eyes closed and loved the moment. It looked like a good idea to me, so I did the same thing. The two of us stood out in the front yard in the quiet stillness of early morning (okay, early for me is like 8 a.m.) and enjoyed being alive and the approach of fall.

Fall means pumpkins, crisp leaves we can rake up and jump in, long walks, and bonfires at the fire pit. It isn’t long until we are on hayrides, drinking hot apple cider and then the swift moments of fall fade into winter and another season is past among the blur of the many seasons that have gone before, each moving a bit more quickly with each passing year as though we live in some type of crazy time warp that speeds up sequencially.

Where have the years gone? Am I really this adult person, so much different yet still exactly the same as I was when I was very young? How I miss the joy of my mother raking up those leaves for my four-year-old self so I could leap into them. How I miss the joy of seeing my own small children enjoy this moment as they grow older and too mature for such foolishness. But, oh how I look forward to one day seeing my own children enjoy this passed on gift of the love of the moment. I can almost picture my future grandchild, face lifted to enjoy the fall sunshine, running toward a big pile of leaves and leaping into them with giggles, squeals and pure glee. Who knows…perhaps I’ll join her and reclaim that joy of childhood once more.


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