September ROAK – Appreciate the Saints Around You

Okay, folks. I was sitting her thinking today about how much God has blessed me. I have beautiful, healthy daughters, a roof over my head, great and loyal friends and a church family that I love very much. I may not have fortune untold, but then again I probably wouldn’t spend a bunch of money wisely anyway. However, I have so much more than I really need.

That got me to thinking about those around me that I know and how I’m blessed to have them in my life. These are the teachers who take an extra minute to help my child learn something, or the church workers who pour their blood sweat and tears into programs for us members, they are my friends who know just when to call and offer a word of encouragement or the neighbor who goes down the road and cleans out the flower beds at the entrance.

So, in honor of all the saints around us who help others in a million little ways every day, your September challenge is to recognize one of these people. I don’t care who you are, you have one of these saints in your life. They may be a family members, neighbor, co-worker, someone at church, someone who teaches your kids, or even the Subway worker who always gets your sandwich just right and offers a sweet smile.

Take a moment this month to write them a little letter of appreciation or buy a card. You don’t have to do this one anonymously, unless you want to. I think it will mean so much more coming from you personally. If you can afford it, you may want to give them a little gift card or some flowers too. Just watch how this one little act of kindness brightens their day and their outlook on life. I promise you that your act of kindness will have ripple effects that will change those around you. You will inspire others to acts of kindness. You will let the person know they are appreciated and their hard work is noticed.

Then, come back here and add a post, so that the rest of us can get inspired to do the same. I’m still trying to decide who I want to write a letter to. I’ll let you know soon.


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