Random Acts of Kindness – Listen for Opportunities

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about RAOKs.

I still do these from time to time, but I also know that it is best to keep them quiet, because if you toot about them, then the recipient may figure out who you are and that isn’t the point of a RAOK.

A RAOK is a random act of kindness. You listen and watch for a need that someone might have and you try to fulfill it. If you can do so anonymously, all the better.

Some people like to do things like pay for the person in line behind them at a fast food drive through or pick up the bill of a veteran or active military at a restaurant and ask the waitress to thank the person for his or her service.

Inspiring Waitress

A couple of weeks ago, Hailey and I stopped for lunch after she went to cheer. We had a waitress with the best personality ever. We hit the restaurant right after lunch and she was cleaning up the tables around us and we got to talking as she cleaned.

This sweet young girl had a personality bigger than life and we laughed and chatted for quite a while. I truly enjoyed our conversation. I learned that she is a young mother, trying to work, go to school and create a good life for her child. She offered some advice to my daughter, who is 17, and told her to stay in school all the way through because it so hard financially, physically and emotionally to go back after you have children and are grown.

I left her three or four times the tip that I would normally leave (I usually tip about 20%). I really wish I could have tipped her more. She is working hard and trying to do something positive. Her attitude was not a “poor me, look at all I have to struggle with” attitude. Instead, she wanted to be an example to her children and she wanted to help my daughter by telling her how to do it in an easier way.

While the tip wasn’t completely anonymous, we didn’t stick around to take credit for it. If I were a millionaire, I would have offered to pay for her schooling for her. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the person who does that for her or someone like her.

What random acts of kindness have you participated in recently? Share them in the comments section.


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