Keeping Disenchanted Tabs on Spring’s Arrival

The temperatures have crept into the single digits and snow covers every spare inch of ground. How I long for the moment when the crocuses begin to peak their purple bonnets above the frost one chilly winter morning. That usually signals spring is near.

The groundhog, that scoundrel that calls himself Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his cozy dwelling (ceremonially, of course), as he does every February 2nd,  and promptly saw his stinking shadow. C’mon Phil! Can’t you give us a break just once? Those of use who’ve been snowed under for over a week could truly use a break from the cold temperatures. Even a hint of hope would probably get us through.

I would say that this cold weather is for the birds, but birds are smart enough to fly south for the winter. Scary thought, but apparently I’m not even as smart as a bird, because here I sit, bundled up in blankets and stockings, wishing I were somewhere warmer.

Oh, and I just remembered… my dog dug up the crocus bulbs last fall. Is this an indication, like that of the groundhog seeing his shadow, that winter will last longer this year?


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