Category: The Cheapskate Queen

Get Free Stuff

One of the ways we can save more money and work from home is if we take advantage of little things like rewards programs. You should sign up for every store card you can and programs like MyPoints and SwagBucks. I actually just joined SwagBucks because a friend of mine…

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Save Money at Restaurants

It seems that everyone is tightening their belts these days, thanks to an ever increasing difficult economy. If eating out is still on your budget at all, you likely want to eat out as inexpensively as you can. Here are a few tricks to slash your restaurant bill by as…

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New Blog!!!

Hi, all. I've started a new, separate blog full of money-saving tips. I am known as the Cheapskate Queen and this blog delves into how hard I can pinch a penny. You can check it out at: Hope you enjoy your visit!

Living La Vida Frugal

Man are we sick of being on a budget lately.  With rising gas costs and everything costing more at the grocery store, it seems like we're working more and keeping less of it.  Our girls are also getting older and want things like summer camp, which takes a big chunk…

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