Hi, all.  I had to post a short review about the Time4Learning.com website.  We started using this site this past year.  My children HATE math but now they look forward to getting on the Time4Learning website and trying different math games and learning new facts.  I have noticed a marked improvement in their scores on the tests I give them and amazingly enough I too am getting better at math just from helping them with their lessons.

Time4Learning is a comprehensive curriculum (Try the demo lessons) that covers math and language arts.  Most of the grades also have a bonus of social studies and science.  They do have some printable worksheets, so your child does not have to do all their work online.  Although we do not use this as our main curriculum, a parent could easily do so and cover the main facts their child needs to know for grade level.

Because my oldest has struggled with math so much, one thing that really impressed me was that they were willing to set her grade level where I wanted on each subject.  She is ahead in Language Arts and behind in math and Time4Learning was able to accommodate those needs.

Their customer service is stellar.  Anytime I’ve had a question or problem, they respond quickly and in a professional, the customer is always right, manner.  Visit the parent forum.

My youngest enjoys the playground area at the site, which offers a variety of online educational games.  She earns time at the “playground” by completing her lessons.  I used to spend half my day arguing with the girls to do their work.  Now, when we get into one of those moods where they want to argue, I just say, “Why don’t we do Time4Learning?”  They never argue about working on these lessons, so it has helped us accomplish more this year than we normally would.  Let’s face it, we want our children to do well but as homeschooling parents, it is sometimes a struggle to fit everything in by the end of the year.  That doesn’t mean they aren’t learning valuable life lessons along the way, but at times they really do just need to learn math.

My oldest recently took a test so we could see where we were placement wise on math and she had gone up two grade levels this year.  She is nearly caught up now and I’m sure with Time4Learning’s help, she will continue to excel.  I can’t recommend this website highly enough.  In addition to the benefits of learning, they track your child’s progress so you have a record of his work.  I print this off every few months and place it into their files I keep.  While we don’t have to keep these records in the state of Indiana, it is a nice reference to see what we’ve covered and how she’s doing on a given subject.

It is not a Christian curriculum, but I have yet to find anything in it that disagrees with our family’s beliefs.  However, should we come across something, I would bring it to their attention and we would simply skip that section.  The parent has the ability to review all lessons before the child completes them as well so that should prevent any surprises.

You can visit Time4Learning at Time4Learning.com to learn more about this wonderful curriculum or to sign up.  Check out their free trial.



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