Sneak Peak at a Scene from Cupid’s Quest

Cupid’s Quest is in final edits and my daughter is working on the book cover design. It will be released in the next few months on Amazon. Here is a sneak peak from a scene I just added. You’ve heard me talk about my character Libby Henderson before. she is a nut!

Here’s what Libby has been up to. First, she and some other nursing home residents were out joy riding in the nursing home van. The man driving hadn’t renewed his license for 15 years or more. So, they are at the police station because the officer wanted to call someone to come pick them up rather than allowing them to drive anymore. Here is what happens…

When Gracie and Sinclaire arrived at the police station, the front desk sergeant had his head in his hands and the office looked as though a nuclear holocaust had hit. Papers were slung from the desks angled behind the front reception area, one officer cowered on the floor behind his swivel chair and another cowered behind a copy machine.

Libby Hendersonende

stood in the center of the room, her cane raised  to waist level. It was obvious she’d already swung the cane in a circle and knocked all the items off at least two desks. “Listen up, Roger, you either book me or let me go. I have rights.”

“My name is Eric,” the young officer said, a slight sheen of tears in his young eyes. He couldn’t be more than three days out of the police academy.

“Don’t I get a phone call, Roger?” Libby swung the cane in a semi-circle and Eric crouched behind the chair back.

“I am Officer Eric,” he said again.

“What did you say, Roger?”

As you can see, Libby is quite a character. She tries really hard to take over every scene that I write in this book. I think you’re going to come to love her as much as I do, though.


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