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Cupid’s Crossing Boxed Set

Cupid's Crossing, books 1 through 4 is now available as a box set for both Kindle and Paperback. You can save a few bucks buying this way. This is my first box set, so let me know what you think. :) Save with the Boxed Set

Remember 9/11

This date will always bring back that beautiful, sunny day in 2001 for me. It was just a normal, happy day with normal, happy things. I dropped my daughters off at school and preschool and had pulled some laundry out of the dryer and turned on Fox News to watch…

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Vote Tuesday November 4th!

Dear Friends, In this very historical and vital election, I felt the need to share my plans for next Tuesday. First, I want to encourage you to take the time to participate in the voting process. We are so blessed in this country to have the freedom to choose our…

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Update on Morgan

Good news. I hear that Morgan is doing better. Her mother has posted to the blog that she may even get out of the hospital by Sunday or Monday. Just in time to start Kindergarten. The power of prayer is amazing and I think this little girl is going to…

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