Screenwriting & Film and Playwriting & Acting for 4th-12th Graders

Below is information on a new class I’ll be starting in August for the 2007/2008 school year.  I think your Jr/Sr High students would enjoy this class.  I will also be doing a class for younger students (4th-6th grade) on the same day (different time) but we may all work together some if the scripts need younger or older students.  We’ll work that out as we go along.  We will meet every other week for an hour and a half for the older kids and an hour for the younger kids.  We may have to expand that time if we aren’t getting everything done to two hours and an hour and a half, but we’ll see how it goes for now. I am trying to get us a class room at Graceland, but if that doesn’t work out we can use one of the classrooms at our local church close to Sellersburg. Day will be decided later but will more than likely be a Thurs. or Friday.

Details are below.  Let me know if you have any questions.  This should be a lot of fun and will give the kids an opportunity to learn creative writing, see how a script is put together and to learn how a film is put together and the same process with a play.


We will work on the elements of screenwriting, plot, characterization, format, film a screenplay that the kids will work on and we will have a premier for the parents.

December we will take a break since many families go away during that month.


We will learn more story elements, write a play, learn basic drama elements, basic voice instruction, and put together a play with a which will be performed for parents at the end of the year.

The kids will also get a T-shirt, which we’ll have them design and they will also help come up with a name for our group for the year.  Example:  Home School Writers & Actors Guild.  I’m going to allow them to come up with ideas and then the class will vote on the final name and design.

The class will run $35.00/month (a portion of that is going to be donated to the facility we wind up using and also to purchase T-shirts and such), but I do ask that you commit to staying in for at least the full semester (example August-November). It is really hard to write someone into a script and then have them leave mid-stream.  They also need to commit to being available for practices or to make up that time with homework or an additional practice if they simply have to miss.

I will also have the kids work on their own screen writing and play writing and we will have some interpretive readings and monologues to get them used to doing this in front of other people.

If you have a shy child, they are more than welcome.  I will try to work with them to help bring them out of their shell a bit.  I was shy as a kid too, so I understand what they’re going through.  Sometimes a small part or something they can do with others helps tremendously.

I’m going to limit the group size this first year until I see how everything comes together, so if you want to reserve a spot for your child, email me and I’ll send you a registration form and additional information.

Thanks so much!


PS  This is taking the place of the summer camp I was considering.  After researching some of the pieces out there, I really don’t feel we could do it justice in such a short period of time.  I may look into doing something next summer after I see how the timing on these classes works out.

Lori Soard
Cutting Edge Writing


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