PTL Our Dog is Okay!!!

Scarlette’s test came back completely clear. She does not have bladder cancer and her Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) came back clear. The vet said her hips looks great, a problem in some golden retrievers. I’m so relieved. I realize she is thirteen years old and that realistically we can’t expect her to live forever, but every year we gain is a victory. She is such a sweet, wonderful people pleaser. As I write this, she lies on a blanket at my feet. Every once in a while, she lifts her head and rubs it back and forth across my fuzzy slippered foot, making me pet her with that foot as I work. I gently scratch her a bit with my big toe and then stop. She sighs and goes back to sleep. I wish everyone had a dog as wonderful as this one. I just want to Praise the Lord that she is okay. I know many people were praying for her and prayer is so powerful.


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  1. Tracy Welch says:

    I just found this and you have given me hope. Was she uncomfortable for a bit on the meds? this is her 3rd day and this med really attacks the infection. She does not have much of an appetite as the meds can do that. I pray that my Zoe has nothing more than a severe bladder infection. They had her on Amoxi at the end of July…but the infection crept back…amoxi again….and it started making her sick that is when he switched to Baytril.

  2. Lori says:

    Hi Tracy,

    She was still uncomfortable for about five days if I am remembering correctly, then she started to do better. Scarlette is still with us, although she is slowly failing. She has started to have some pretty serious seizures, can’t hear, can barely see and has good days and bad. However, right now the good days outweigh the bad.

    I hope your Zoe gets better soon and you have many more years with her. It’s so hard to see them go through this. Make sure you have him give her a different antibiotic this time, since the other didn’t work long-term. Also, make sure she drinks water. You may have to coax her.

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