Please continue to pray

Please continue to pray for our family and our adjustment with my niece now living with us. Our family needs specific prayers going up for the following:

  • Protection from the schemes and harassment from another family that is not related in any way but intent on maintaining contact with our niece. There have also been some veiled threats, so we are concerned about what might happen next.
  • That my sister-in-law would have more peace over her daughter not being with her. She’s, understandably, struggling right now.
  • That any and all influence that this other family has over my niece would be removed, so that she can finish out her high school years in peace.
  • That my niece would continue to make close friends down here and adjust.
  • That we would have wisdom and know the right steps to take to protect everyone involved. We are prepared to take any legal actions necessary, but just aren’t sure what we should and shouldn’t move forward with right now.
  • Finally, please pray for that other family. Even though the have played underhanded games and their actions have seemed a bit crazy to us at times, we hope that God will convict them and continue to grow them and bless their lives.

Thanks! The power of prayer is amazing and I know all the prayers going up will help.



3 Replies to “Please continue to pray”

  1. Wow, Lori. I don’t know the circumstances with which your niece has faced, however, seeing a situation going sour within an entire family is familiar. Prayer is strong, and is how people can help miracles to occur in God’s name. You can count on prayers from me. God bless you for doing what you can to help. It isn’t easy, but stay true, and do what you can. May peace find you all soon.


  2. Lori says:

    Thank you everyone for your prayers. My niece wound up moving back home and I’ve not seen her for about a year. She came down just this week for my oldest daughter’s birthday and seems to be doing really well. I truly believe that the prayers and love everyone here put into her helped her have the courage to go home and make things right with her mother. Seeing the two of them getting along so well meant a lot.

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