Merry Christmas

Dearest readers and friends,

Can you believe 2007 is nearly over? I want to wish all of you a blessed holiday. No gift you can give or get is as precious as the salvation that Jesus gave us all. All the hustle and bustle and Coach purses and other gifts simply pale in comparison. My wish for you is that you’ll remember the true reason for the season and experience joy because of it.

Merry Christmas!

Lori Soard


2 Replies to “Merry Christmas”

  1. Aileen Nowatzki says:

    Merry Christmas to you!
    You are a very busy lady. May all of this season bring you joy, love and happiness. The babe in the manger brings hope to each of us. May He bring you much wonderment as well.

  2. Robin Bayne says:

    Happy New Year, Lori!

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