Living La Vida Frugal

Man are we sick of being on a budget lately.  With rising gas costs and everything costing more at the grocery store, it seems like we’re working more and keeping less of it.  Our girls are also getting older and want things like summer camp, which takes a big chunk out of the budget.

The best thing you can do to stick to a budget, and I’ve said this before, is to plan ahead.  For example, I know that we have summer camp costs coming up, so I’ll begin by putting back 10.00 a week for the next couple of months.  My oldest is also attending a purity conference next month, so we’ll have to make sure she has money for meals and extras.

Although you are still spending the same amount of money, it just doesn’t seem to hurt as much if you put back 10.00 or so for several months instead of coming up with 100.00 chunks of change.  Try this method.  I promise it works!


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