Legacy of a Life

We had a death in our family and a dear friend lost her grandmother this week. I’ve been thinking a lot about my grandfather, my grandmother and legacies. It just got me to thinking about how what we do in our lives, how the paths we choose, leaves behind a legacy that can impact many generations.

Take the one side of my family. I had a great-grandfather, who to put it bluntly, was a drunk and just downright mean. I never knew him (not something I’m upset about from the stories I’ve heard). He passed his legacy down to his son, who in turn drank himself into the grave, although I don’t ever remember him being mean. This legacy has continued to be passed down, generation to generation.

The other side of my family, I had a grandmother who was a good woman. She did what was right, she loved the Lord, she raised children by herself when her husband died. She was good, and kind, and honest and forthright and sincere. She had the sweetest spirit and outlook on life. By contrast, she has left a legacy, for the most part, of happy families, most of whom are saved and gentleness and peace.

This all got me to thinking about the legacy I’ll leave behind. Sure I try to go to church, do what is right, be a good person. But I’m also impatient with my kids at times. I’m cranky, tired, busy. I don’t always take the time to stop and help others when I should, it’s just sort of hit or miss. And I have made a commitment to do better. To pass a better legacy than even the one I was given to the next generation. To make up for any little holes in that legacy and to most of all let them know they are loved unconditionally, so they can always hold that close to their hearts.

So, ask yourself today, what is your legacy? What are you leaving behind for future generations? Your attitudes have a ripple effect. Will your ripples turn into rings of joy or circles of despair?


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