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School BusAfter months of researching correspondence high schools and thinking through all of our options, our family has made the decision to send our oldest to the local high school next year. I’m at peace over this decision. I prayed about it and the Lord’s answer was to let my daughter make the decision. We spent time visiting the local school, reading through skads of info on correspondence high schools, looking at options and making pros and cons lists. I know she prayed about the decision and struggled with it, so it wasn’t a snap decision she made. She feels she is in the Lord’s will as well, and she is strong enough that I know her decision is hers alone.

I was also very impressed with the local high school, particularly the guidance counselor. And, if my daughter hates it, or we all hate it, she can always come back home.

We will now be a split family, with one child in public school and one at home. It should be rather interesting next year as we work to juggle commitments to the local school and commitments to home schooling. I have always been involved in some way in my children’s education, and that won’t change now. It’s just going to be harder to juggle.

I have also noticed that some in the home school community are what I will nicely refer to as home schooling purists. I’m a little worried about these purists and their reaction to our split-schooled family. Being a purist means that they do not believe in ever sending your child to another school. They may not come right out and say so, but their comments about how *they* have home schooled all the way through, and are just committed to what the Lord wants them to do, speak volumes. As if we’re not committed to Lord, is the insinuation. Then, there are those who understand completely that each child has different needs at different times and would not judge anyone else for their choices. This is how I strive to be.

There are obvious things Christians need to stand up against. If someone is committing a sin, then we should speak out. We should try to lead lost people to Christ. But, despite what some might think, sending your child to the local school is not a sin. We have other battles to fight, and I don’t know God’s plans for my beautiful daughter. It might be for her to reach other teens for Christ in a powerful way.

I do have to admit to being a tiny bit sad over her decision, however. I was looking forward to working toward CLEP tests and reading some of those wonderful books she would be working on in British Lit next year (she did American Lit this year). I was excited about her taking some courses through the local community college too. But most of all, I am going to miss having her here with me all day. Her personality has blossomed in the last three years of homeschooling. She has gone from a kid that used to be very difficult, mainly because she is so strong willed, to a kind, loving, and passionate Christian. I have enjoyed our discussions this past year on some very deep topics. She’s now going to be gone seven plus hours a day and then any sports or activities. I have treasured the last three years of homeschooling, because we had reclaimed our time with our children again. I enjoyed the fact that we could stop and pray at any moment about anything that concerned us. I’m going to miss that.

I know it’s time to give my baby her wings and let her start those first fluttering movements that will one day take her out of our nest and into a nest of her own, but no one ever told me that Mama birds mourn when their babies learn to fly.


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