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Scarlette Sadie

Today, I lost my best friend of fourteen years. I remember the day we went to pick Scarlette. A big Dean Koontz fan, he'd convinced me through his books of the loyalty and intelligence of Golden Retrievers and I was determined to get a Golden Retriever puppy for my two-year-old…

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Interview with the Duggars

Have you had a chance to check out my interview with the amazing Michele Duggar? You can read it here: Hope you enjoy! Lori

Drunken Pony Falls Into Pool

I came across this hilarious story this morning and thought I'd share. Sounds like Fat Boy will be nursing a hangover from his adventure :) This is the moment a 'drunken' pony fell into a swimming pool after gorging himself on fermented windfall apples. Read more and see pics at …

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Legacy of a Life

We had a death in our family and a dear friend lost her grandmother this week. I've been thinking a lot about my grandfather, my grandmother and legacies. It just got me to thinking about how what we do in our lives, how the paths we choose, leaves behind a…

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The Animals the Define Us

In this world, I've faced my share of sorrows - when my cousin Michael died, when we lost grandparents, when I miscarried our baby and when I've lost opportunities. I've also had my share of joy - when each of my girls was born, watching their smiles and laughter along…

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Please Pray

Hello everyone, Please pray for little five-year-old Morgan Schmidt. She is ill, they think from E. Coli, and is struggling to recover. Her grandparents go to our church. Please pray for them and for the mother and father as well, that God will give them all strength and peace. And…

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End of School Year Homeschool

Well, our school year has basically wound to a close. My girls will be continuing to work on math this summer, but we've been done with most of our other subjects for a long time. Whether you school year round or take a break at any time during the year,…

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