Change of Heart

Book # 2 in the Cupid’s Crossing Series

Sinclaire Meyers is completely broken. A young, single mom, her sole focus is taking care of the nursing home residents and her three-year-old son. She doesn’t particularly believe in God, and even if she did, she doesn’t see why He’d be interested in her as damaged as she is.

When Ace, her son’s father, comes back to town claiming to have found God and wanting to make amends, the last thing she wants to deal with is him or what he has to say.

Will she be able to find the grace to forgive him for the past? Will she be able to accep tthe grace of God’s forgiveness? Will Ace be able to overcome the past and be part of his son’s life? God has forgiven him, but can he forgive himself? With a little help from the zany seniors at Days Never new, they both just might be able to find forgiveness, redemption and a new beginning.

A Heart Warming Christian Romance

“Lori Soard’s books are like a breath of fresh air. Delightful characters and fun story lines. This book is no exception. It’s a great book for a cozy afternoon read. Recommended.” – Jeanne Grunert


“Beautiful story of love, forgiveness, and trusting God even during difficult situations. Story is fast paced and a quick read.” – MD, Amazon Reader

Book Categories: Christian, Cupid's Crossing Series, and Romance.