A Bride for Ben

# 3 in the Cupid’s Crossing Series – a Novella

Ben Cramer is used to his meddling sisters always intervening on his behalf, but when it comes to his love life, or lack thereof, he’s simply not interested in their advice. But like their younger brother, they’re not so easily dissuaded. They’re determined to find him a bride, no matter how long it takes.

Emily Pierce knows, in order to have a family of her own someday, she must open her heart to love, but she can’t see past the pain and heartache of her last relationship. With her fate seemingly predetermined for her, she’s resolved herself to a life devoid of love…until she meets the man who makes heart sing.

Although neither was looking for love, will they go where their hearts lead them or will they allow fear to get in between them and ruin the possibility of happily ever after?

Book Categories: Christian, Cupid's Crossing Series, and Romance.