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Hi folks,

Many of you probably remember the highly successful author yearbooks I put out every so often. We started out doing a scrapbook, but this yearbook model was such a hit, that we decided to move to that instead. Anyway, I try to do one every year or two and it’s time for a new version. Those who’ve been involved in the past have been happy with the results.

This is great exposure for authors and businesses. The yearbook is put out in print and in e-book format. I think you can still scrounge up some old copies of the last yearbook on Amazon. The yearbook is automatically e-mailed to my list of 30,000 + readers that I’ve gathered over the years of attending conferences and doing author promotions.

This year, I will also be sending out to my list of librarians and booksellers. In addition, many people order a paperback copy. I set the price on the paper copy at right around cost to print, so they are very reasonably priced and even more of them sell. If any real revenues come in, then I take out additional ads and we keep the ball rolling until the yearbook fizzles out. It usually takes a year or two for things to slow down. These have become collector’s editions for many readers. You may have seen them arrive with a copy to gather signatures at various functions.

In the past, we’ve had several different packages, but these can get complicated. This year, we’re going to start with just a single package and see if we can fill the yearbook up that way. The package includes:

*Listing on yearbook page (for example, if you are a romance author, your listing would go on the romance author page).
*Full page personal note from you to your readers. You can do other things with this page, such as a poem, short excerpt, short story and so on. The more creative the better!
*Full page ad of your book on opposite page of your note.
*Author Interviews

You reach 30,000 readers, 3000 librarians and booksellers and numerous other fans and readers. The cost is 3 payments of $96.99. One to reserve your space, another due in November and the final payment due in February ’09. If you prefer to pay the full amount by November 15th, you’ll receive an additional 10% off. We can lock in pricing with our printer, so early payments go toward the discount we wind up getting, which is about 10%.

I also have 10 radio spots available. I will interview 10 authors and put their interviews up on our radio show site. These interviews will also be made available to a couple of radio hosts for their use and will be uploaded as free podcasts to increase exposure. The authors will be able to download the interviews for use on their websites or however else they would like to promote themselves with the interview. These 10 spots will likely go fast, so the sooner you can reserve, the better. To reserve a spot now, see the end of this email for links. If we run out of spots, I will let those registering know in case they want to cancel registration.

We must have a minimum of 10 authors involved in the project in order to pay for minimum printing and advertising costs. The more authors involved, the further our promotional and advertising budgets go. I will also write articles, distribute press releases and conduct interviews about the project. Because I invest quite a number of hours into putting the project together, editing, and publishing and advertising, I do reserve a spot for myself in the yearbook to promote my own books and writing services.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me. You are welcome to share this email with others, but you might want to reserve your spot first. Remember that I only have a limited number of the radio promotion slots available and they will be first come/first serve.


Lori Soard

Reserve space with first payment of $96 (please note that this is a limited two month subscription. One subsequent $96.00 payment will be taken out in November and you will be invoiced separately for the final payment in February).

Pay in full and receive 10% discount


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