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Teens Across the Nation Reach Out to Henryville High School Students

Teens across the nation encourage Lady Antebellum to go to Henryville High School’s Prom.

When the students of Henryville Jr./Sr. High School in southern Indiana left school on March 2, 2012, it was a rush of getting kids onto buses and those who drive scrambling to get home. Less than 30 minutes later, the school and town would lay in ruin. Had a quick-thinking principal not released the children early, many lives would have been lost and many students injured that day. The aftermath of the storms was truly heartbreaking. As a resident of Henryville, the thing that strikes me most isn’t necessarily the school or the homes that are lost. Those can and will be rebuilt. It is the trees. Huge trees that were scattered around town are just gone. I wonder if I’ll ever see another tree that large in town in my lifetime and realize I likely won’t.

Touching Moments

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Source: Caitlin Soard

In the aftermath of the storms, one thing has stood out bright and clear and that is what a loving country the United States of America is. The relief efforts were nearly instantaneous as churches and disaster response teams from all over the country mobilized to help those who lost everything.

Lady Antebellum Prom Contest

Perhaps one of the most touching things I’ve witnessed is how unselfish today’s teens are. As a former youth group leader, and someone who has substitute taught in the schools, I already knew that there were good-hearted teenagers out there, but sometimes it is easy to forget this fact when you watch the news or hear horror stories from others.

Teens from all over the country began to rally around Henryville High School. The country music group Lady Antebellum is holding a contest where the winner will get a 45 minute performance from Lady A at their prom. Since they are one of the hottest groups around, you can imagine that just about every school would want Lady A at the prom. That is perhaps why it is particularly heartwarming that schools that do not even know our students began to produce videos urging Lady Antebellum to come not to their own proms but to Henryville’s prom.

At the time the videos started showing up on the Internet, Henryville was not even sure if they were still going to have a prom. We have since learned that they will have a prom in April, close to the original prom date.

I wanted to share some of the videos with you. I think you’ll quickly see why these touched my heart. I also think you’ll come to have an entirely new appreciate for the current generation and how loving and kind they are. I know they’ve changed my perspective on some things and I think they’ll change your perspective as well.

Video from Harrisburg, Illinois

Mere days before the March 2nd tornado swept through several states, another EF4 tornado hit Harrisburg, Illinois and destroyed hundreds of homes. Yet, through their own heartache, Harrisburg teens worried about Henryville students, who had lost their school to the storms. They made this video urging Lady A to go to Henryville.

Video from DC Everest High School

Probably one of the best produced videos submitted, the video from DC Everest urges Lady Antebellum to remember Henryville as it shows the students of this Wisconsin high school enjoying various events around school and town. The end of the video states that what the school really wants is for Lady A to choose Henryville. Reports from those who know the kids in this school state that they have a mentor who has taught them it is best to give back to others and to look at the world and see where you can have an impact for someone else. I’d say their mentor is doing a good job. This video touched me so much that it made me cry. I am not a cryer, not even in really sad movies, so that tells you something about this video.

Video from Silver Creek High School

Those who live in the West Clark school district could tell you stories about the rivalry between Silver Creek and Henryville. When it comes to sports, things can get pretty tense with the Dragons (Silver Creek) trying to incinerate the Hornets (Henryville), while the Hornets get their little stings in where they can. However, when it came to caring, I have to say that I believe Silver Creek is the true champion in the school district. They made this video telling Lady Antebellum that they want Lady A to go to Henryville, because the other school deserves it more right now. The video ends with them saying that they love Lady A but they love Henryville even more. What a great example these students are to other students around the country. This one made me cry, too, because I know about the intense rivalry and what a tender group of hearts it took to make this video.

Video from Henryville Jr./Sr. High School

Seeking out hope where they can, Henrvyille High School students submitted this video right on the contest’s deadline. Even though they state they’d love for Lady A to come to the prom, they also say that they plan to “own the night” whether Lady A is there or not. Most of the students realize what a privilege it is to still have this prom. My daughter, who is a senior, wasn’t sure if she would go to prom originally. However, when she saw the outpouring and the effort the prom committee went to to ensure the prom went on, she changed her mind and embraced attending the prom. While having Lady A there would certainly make it memorable, it is going to be a memorable night and a memorable end to their senior year no matter what.

Henryville Has Already Won

henryville tornado

Source: Caitlin Soard

Through the devastation and tears, it doesn’t matter ultimately if Lady A chooses Henryville or not. You see, Henryville has already won something more precious than any contest. We’ve learned that we’re strong. We’ve learned that everyone can come together and help others and start to rebuild. We’ve learned that people we’ve never met care enough about us to sacrifice something they want for themselves.

Life is such a precious gift. When a tornado passes close to your home and goes on to destroy the homes and businesses of those you know and care about, you quickly realize how unimportant all the stuff we strive to attain truly is. Things can be wiped out in moments. The only precious thing is life, friendship and being with those we love.

Update: Lady A Chooses Henryville


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