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Henryville Teens Head to Prom After Tornado

Happy moments for Henryville High School teens

On March 2, 2012, an EF4 tornado ravaged through the small town of Henryville, Indiana, all but destroying the local high school. Once they’d learned that friends and teachers were alive, the next thought many of the high school seniors had was if they’d be able to still go to school with friends, graduate on time, go on senior trip, or even have a prom. This weekend, on April 27th, the students will gather for a memorable event at Kye’s in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Henryville High School juniors and seniors and their dates will gather for a meal, dancing and a celebration of all that wasn’t lost – close friendships that have seen them through the last four years. Henryville was also the winner of the Lady Antebellum Own the Night prom contest, but the group will perform at a separate event for the students in mid-May. The school was awarded the prize after rival school in the same district, Silver Creek, sent in a video asking Lady A to perform for Henryville. That heart-warming act of selflisness has been the tone of the end of many of the students’ senior year leading up to the prom.

Students were able to choose from free prom dresses, shoes, accessories and even had things covered like nails, hair and corsages. In a moment that could have been much worse than it was, the students are most thankful for the lives saved that day because of a quick decision by their principal.

Prom will be a pure moment of joy and celebration of the blessings in their lives. An exciting after prom is also planned for the students that will run until 4 a.m.


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