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Free Book One Day Only – Saturday 8/5

the lipstick diariesDearest Readers,

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I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know. Many of you don’t know that about five or six years ago, I was ready to walk away from writing. I knew I’d still write, but I’d decided that it would just be my little hobby. I’d gotten too close to success a few too many times, been orphaned by a few too many publishers, saw things in the industry I didn’t like, and was just kind of done with not having a regular, dependable paycheck.

I even went out and got an outside job for a while. I hated every minute of it. I was praying about what God would have me do, and about that time I got sicker than I’ve ever been in my life. The doctor knew it was a virus, but it was an unclassified one. I think I stayed in bed for a week straight and I felt really bad for another two weeks and tired for months after. During that time, my work decided they were cutting hours and ultimately I made the decision that I wasn’t going back.

So, I prayed for God to guide me and show me what he would have me do. And, as often happens, I didn’t get an immediate answer. Over time, I realized he still wanted me to write, but my focus needed to shift on why I was writing. I gained some business clients and that took care of the more reliable income to meet my needs to live. So, this freed me up to work on fiction for another reason and as I was given scripture and words through friends, pastors, and other sources, I began to realize that I had been given an opportunity to write with a clearer message about my beliefs and God’s word.

I began to realize that if I could touch just one person’s life with a book, that I was working for God’s kingdom. Sometimes it would be a fundamental truth – salvation. Sometimes it would be more subtle, such as a message that God works all things for good for those who love him and live for him. Sometimes it would be to cheer up someone who was hurting. I began to rework older books and write new ones with that ONE person in mind.

You see, when one of my readers messages me on Facebook, leaves a review, or sends me an email, I know I’ve reached that one person. I even had a review last year that on the surface was not a nice review. However, it said that the book talked about God a lot. Well, that was my point with the book, so after reflection I decided that was the best review I’d had that year. The reader may not have liked it, but she got the point of it. That was my ultimate goal. I love five star reviews as much as the next writer, but they are secondary to the message.

So, when I say I love and appreciate my readers, I mean it. If it is one reader, then I know that God sent you to me for a specific reason and that there is some message in my book for you. If it is 10,000 readers, then God sent each one to my book for a reason as well. In the end, it doesn’t matter if it is one of you reading this or 10,000 of you. It only matters that God is able to use it for His purposes.

I love you and I hope you enjoy this free promotion of THE LIPSTICK DIARIES. While not a blatantly inspirational book, it is clean and has a good message behind it. If you have a group of friends you love, I think you’ll enjoy it.




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