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I was so thrilled that Cupid’s Quest released this week in paperback and ebook. This is the first in my Cupid’s Crossing series. It is set in the fictional town of Cupid’s Crossing. If you’ve ever wondered how someone creates a fictional town, it isn’t easy, but it all starts with a map. You then assign characters to the different locations and leave a few open because you never know what characters might arrive on the scene. Below is a copy of the map I work from for this series. I hope you fall in love with Cupid’s Crossing the way I have. My only regret is that I can’t truly visit this town other than in my imagination.



Buy Cupid’s Quest, Book # 1 in the new Cupid’s Crossing Series



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  1. Renee Fuller says:

    What imagination to create a fictional town. Good luck on any future towns too!

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