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Deep South Writing Retreat

writing retreatThis has been a whirlwind week for me. My almost 20-year-old daughter planned a cruise with her friends, but didn’t plan a way to the cruise. I decided to drive them to New Orleans as a one-time favor (next time, they’ll have to miss their cruise, because I consider this a learning experience and a mistake young people make once in their lives until they learn from that mistake).

It is normally an 11-hour drive to New Orleans from where I live, but took us 13. It’s a long story why. Part of it was traffic and part was people along for the ride who seem to enjoy taking their time at stops. We’ll be setting down some ground rules on the way home because I’m ready for my own bed.

I was able to visit one of my aunts who lives in Daphne and sneak in some family time and catching up. While there, I had the opportunity to go to Fairhope, Alabama. What a neat place. My aunt says a lot of artists and authors live there and I can see what. It is a picturesque town. There are shops filled with items made by local artisans. Pets are very welcomed there, so my little dog went along with me. She was welcomed in every store we went in and offered treats. The store owners put out bowls of water here and there along the sidewalk.

The town also sites on the bay with some gorgeous views. It is a very inspiring place, and I am thinking would make an ideal retreat at some point in the future to knock out another book or some short stories, etc. If you’ve never been there, I highly encourage you to check it out.

Tonight, I am tucked away, still in the deep south, working onĀ Change of Heart, the second book in the Cupid’s Crossing series. Sinclaire’s spirit is so weary. She is a hard character for me to write because I tend to be very upbeat and happy. I am looking forward to the point in this story where she accepts God’s grace and starts to heal a bit. The weight of her discouragement is weighing on me and I’m trying to write things into the story to encourage her, but she is so very hurt and in pain.

Do you know someone like Sinclaire? How do you encourage that person? I’m also bringing the reader back into Gracie and Brandt’s lives as they plan their wedding and plant the first seeds for Brandt’s new pumpkin patch venture. This is the first series I’ve written and it is so much fun to catch up with these characters. Many of them feel like old friends. I can’t wait to complete this book and share it with you soon.

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