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Can One Watch THE WEDDING SINGER Too Many Times?

Thanks to Netflix, I’ve now watched THE WEDDING SINGER about 10 times in a row. I’m not sure if it is my writer’s brain trying to deconstruct plots to movies, but if I like a movie, I will watch it over and over again. I can easily say I’ve watched movies like Dirty Dancing, Clueless, Return to Me, and The Wedding Singer hundreds of times.

Often, they are simply playing in the background as I write. However, they creep into my daily life and conversations. I actually told my daughter the other day that I was “audi” as I was leaving (from Clueless) and often use quotes from movies in everyday situations.

You Can Learn a Lot

You can learn a lot from movies. I’ve learned from the Wedding Singer that life is a song. Whether you’re sad, momentarily insane, or happy, there is a song for that. Adam Sandler is an okay singer, but not a great singer, so I also learned to just sing and quit worrying about how you sound.

I learned from Mean Girls that big hair means big secrets. That you really just have to lose three pounds. And, that Aaron Samuels is not very bright if he believes the swim team is practicing in the projection room above the gymnasium. However, there are some great quotes from this movie that my daughters and I use often like “on Wednesdays we wear pink,” “that’s the rules of feminism,” and “she doesn’t even go here!”

From Dirty Dancing, I learned that nobody sits Baby in the corner and that if you want to fit in just carry a watermelon into the party. However, I also learned that if you try really hard you can learn anything and to learn from the best teachers you can find.

Return to Me is a great movie. It is probably my favorite. I learned from it that we sometimes wonder what God is thinking and that Italian and Irish food go well together. I also learned that if you think you have everything figured out, life will throw you a curve ball, but that twist can be wonderful in the end.

Watching Movies Over and Over

What is it that makes us watch some movies over and over? I’d like to take the time to figure it out, but I’m buggin’ cause 50 First Dates Just popped up on my Netflix feed, so I’m “Audi.”


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