picking up cowboys cover

Picking Up Cowboys

Catherine Claiborne is determined to hold onto the dude ranch that her father founded, but she just inherited a partner she doesn’t want. Struggling for money, in the dead of winter with no guests, she is determined to make it profitable.

Gage Maddock has returned home after fourteen long years. He is determined to reclaim what is rightfully his. Mustang Claiborne left him half of a dude ranch. Gage isn’t thankful, he’d still own one hundred percent of the land were it not for Mustang’s cheating. Gage wants to buy out Mustang’s daughter, Catherine, and build a resort hotel on the land.

When Catherine refuses to sell, Gage comes up with a game plan, one that will change life as they know it.

A Touching Story!

“Catherine’s never had a real Christmas, and Gage wants to give her the experience. What she doesn’t know is if he really cares for her, or really wants her half of the ranch. Together they try to combine forces to have it all. This is a story that will pull your heartstrings, so have a tissue handy. These characters are strong, honorable people and you will truly care that they end up together, and happy. This is an author to watch!” – Robin Bayne

Book Categories: Romance.