Blog Tour Notes

I want to thank everyone for joining me on my first blog tour. I had so much fun on this tour.

A special thanks to Marilyn Meredith, whose notes about her own blog tour helped me be better organized with my own. I think what I enjoyed most about this tour was meeting new readers and getting to know some writer friends as bloggers as well as making a couple of new friends.

People Are Nice!

In my day-to-day life, I am always running into people who remind me of how much kindness and camaraderie there is in this world. They make up for the few rude ones who will drop a door in your face or cut you off on the highway. There was the 90-year-old woman recently who I had a lovely conversation with in the grocery store and the friend I made at the dentist’s office while waiting for my mom.

There are interesting people everywhere and I love meeting them and talking to them when I leave my house. Doing this blog tour was a lot like that. I met some truly nice people. It was interesting to talk about websites over at Mad Lemmings because the readers got very involved and had some smart insight to add.

Special Thank Yous

I want to take a minute to thank those who hosted me on their blogs. Some of you simply saw I was lining up a tour and took it upon yourselves to contact me and invite me to your blogs. Others responded to a message I sent because I liked your blog and thought we were a good fit.

You all worked hard to get my articles up, get the word out and make me feel welcome. Thank you to:

Finally, I want to thank one special reader named Kimberli Campbell. Kimberli was a great support throughout my entire tour. I think she read nearly every article, commented on them and just made me feel supported. Thank you so much, Kimberli. I truly appreciate it and I’m going to send you a gift. I will contact you here in a moment about it via Facebook.

Wrapping Up the Tour

The tour was fun, but it involved a lot of additional writing and keeping up with comments. I will likely wait until my next book release before scheduling another one. Thank you so much for joining me. If you missed the tour, you can go to the tour schedule page and still read the old posts on each of the blogs I visited. Thanks so much!

Lori Soard


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  1. Glad you enjoyed your time at Mad Lemmings Lori
    Was a pleasure having you post.
    have a great week(end) ahead

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