A Day in Mobile with My Writing Sidekick – My Dog Maya

Most of you probably remember that I had a mini writing retreat last month. I had my dog Maya along. This can create a bit of a challenge, because you can’t take a dog just anywhere with you, but her companionship was well worth the extra effort.

After visiting with my aunt and uncle, I headed back toward New Orleans for a short writing retreat. My plan was to finish up my current book, but I didn’t quite make it. That’s okay. I still got quite a bit done. On my way between Daphne and Metairie, I decided to stop in Mobile for a quick lunch. I had Maya with me, so I knew I’d need a dog-friendly place to stop.

I pulled up Bring Fido. If you haven’t checked out this website for traveling with your four-legged companions, you should. They will tell you restaurants in the area that are dog-friendly, as well as hotels and attractions. Surprisingly, there are a number of places that welcome dogs in this area, so you can have your pick.

Maya and I chose to stop in at Heroes Sports Bar & Grille. Bring Fido stated that it was friendly to dogs if you sat on the patio. They had a nice little covered patio area with large fans overhead stirring the air. I went ahead and poked my head in the door and asked if it was okay to sit out there with Maya, because you never know.

They welcomed us and a few minutes later a young girl brought a menu and said hello to Maya. She told me she owned a doxie as well. They brought Maya some water with crushed ice in it. Since it was at least a million degrees in Mobile that day, Maya truly appreciated the thought.
lori-and-mayaWhen I’m at a new restaurant, I always ask the server what she or he likes on the menu. It’s hard to know what to order and this at least gives me some insight from someone who has had a chance to frequently try things on the menu. She recommended the Solo Nachos, which I went ahead and ordered even though they weren’t low carb. These wer a smaller portion of the Culo Grande Naches and included a mound of chips, chili with beans, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa and a couple different types of cheeses including some Monterey Jack, which is one of my favorites. Next time, I would have them leave the jalepenos off, but that is personal preference. Even this small version was far more than I could eat alone, but it was truly delicious and satisfying.

I ordered Maya a rookie burger without the bun off the kids menu along with a side of fries because she loves them so much. Don’t worry, I only fed her a couple of the fries.

As we sat and ate our lunch, I could hear the bells from the nearby Cathedral-Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. It is a parish established in the early 1700s. I didn’t get a chance to go inside, but the outside was beautiful and it seemed to be rather busy with people going in and out. The bells certainly were beautiful, playing classical tunes and ringing on the hour.


One of the older buildings in the area. Most have already been renovated, but this one hasn’t yet. Don’t you just love the character and uniqueness of this building?

The entire area has a downtown vibe with refurbished buildings. Drive around the block and you’ll find old buildings like the one pictured here in the middle of being renovated. The look is very reminiscent of New Orleans with wrought iron balconies and brick buildings throughout.

My overall thoughts on this restaurant are that it is a great place to have lunch with your dog on a weekday, but on a weekend it is likely a little too busy as everyone enters and exits from that patio. I think the dog would have gotten underfoot had it been busier as the tables are close together. The staff was great and loved on my dog. The service was a little slow, but it is hard on the servers to go in and out and wait on the outside tables. So, since they were so nice and welcoming to Maya, I really can’t complain about the time it took. It wasn’t horrendous, just allow a little extra time.

The outside patio only has four tables that are four tops but there is an overflow patio to the side with umbrellas with some two and some four tops. I doubt it was as cool to sit out there, though, as it was getting more direct sunlight and I didn’t see any fans to stir the air.

Heroes is located right next to Bienville Square park, which is a historic park. It was just a lovely little break in a busy city.

If you are ever in the Mobile, Alabama area, with or without your pooch, I recommend you try Heroes Sports Bar & Grille. Good food, friendly staff, reasonable prices, and great atmosphere.

I leave you with this adorable picture of Maya to brighten your day.




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