It’s Hard to Go Home

Millie Jackson loves the freedom of running through the wooded mountains of wild and beautiful West Virginia. It sure beats going home to the strict mother who reins over her home. She has her two cousins, Josh and Aaron for company. And she can avoid Old Man Taylor, who scares her a little with his daily treks up a steep mountain to visit the grave of his wife.

When Josh is killed in a car accident, Millie has a hard time accepting his death. At first she refuses to believe he is dead. It is surely a horrible mistake. But the cold, harsh reality starts to sink in and she realizes that he is truly gone forever. She never told him how much she loved him.

As Millie defies her parents and takes daily treks to the grave, she becomes further involved with Renee, who begins urging her to try some drugs that will “make her feel better.”

Will Millie make the right choice that honors Josh’s memory? Or, will she spiral down until there is no return?

“I loved the author’s true to life approach to this story, an approach which didn’t appear to be overly self-righteous. The fact that Millie was able to rise above the adversities she had to face and to honor the memory of her cousin Josh’s life is something which should pull at the heartstrings of the adults reading this book, like me. This book can also be used to show readers in the target audience for this book that they need to put any event like the one Millie had to face behind them, so they can move on with their lives unabated, which is why I’ve decided to give Ms. Soard 5 STARS for this endeavor.” – Robin Leigh Morgan

Book Categories: Young Adult.