Cupid’s Crossing

Book # 1 in the Cupid’s Crossing Series

The only life Gracie has ever known has been the nursing home and the residents who are like family to her. Now, she risks losing it all and her friends scattering to different homes if she can’t come up with the money to save the business.

Between caring for his ailing mother and running the family farm, Brandt is stretched thin. Too thin. When his mother begs him to enter a local scavenger hunt, win the prize money, and convert the farm into an orchard, he knows he can’t refuse her anything, so he reluctantly agrees.

While seeking clues to the scavenger hunt, Gracie and Brandt keep bumping into each other. Gracie’s always had a crush on him that keeps her from stringing two coherent words together. Brandt doesn’t understand why she dislikes him so much she won’t even talk to him. If the nursing home residents would settle down and stop getting into crazy shenanigans long enough, the two might figure out that they have more than a little in common.

A Heart-Tugging Romance

“When a radio station in Hoosier country runs a scavenger hunt with a big cash prize, it turns out the money could be put to good use by at least two deserving residents in Cupid Corners and, amazingly, it isn’t just the intrigue about which of them might win (or not win!), but also the conflict one feels about who to root for and how that conflict could possibly be resolved.

It has been a long time since I read a romance; so many of them didn’t stay with me beyond the moment I turned the last page. Cupid’s Quest by Lori Soard is not one of those romances. It is a well-written story about dimensional characters that tug at one’s heart. They are living in situations all too familiar these days. It has characters that every generation can identify with. Anyone who loves romances and wants reading that is fun, easy, and heartwarming should make a point of visiting Cupid Corners and following “Cupid’s Quest. ” – Carolyn Howard Johnson, Vine Voice

Wonderful Book!

“I had the honor to review this wonderful book for the author. Gracie and Brandt’s story is truly amazing. You will fall in love with the people Gracie works with. These people will have you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what they do next. Watching Gracie and Brandt’s relationship change is beautiful. You will feel God working throughout this whole book. The author did a amazing job writing this book, it deserves a higher rating than a 5 star rating.” – Debbie Jamieson

Book Categories: Christian, Cupid's Crossing Series, and Romance.