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Visit Me in Moonstone Falls

MOONSTONE FALLS The town of Moonstone Falls is a fictional town. Why moonstone? The legend of the moonstone has always…

Huge Quarterly Sale!

If you're looking for some books to gift for Christmas presents, or you simply want to fill up your library…

Four Books for only 99 Cents!

Grab the first four books in the Cupid's Crossing series for only 99 cents now through November 9th. While there…

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About Lori

Dear Readers,

I live in a little southern Indiana, rural town with about 2,000 people, which inspires the stories I write. A small town has a rhythm all its own. You should plan an extra 10 minutes, because you'll likely run into farm equipment on the roads. Don't dare go into town without makeup on, because you're certain to run into multiple people you know. When you go into the bank or the library, they greet you by name. And, there are likely stories floating around that you didn't even know about yourself. The days are slower and the fellowship is sweeter in a small town. Everyone watches one another's children grow and friends live life together. 

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