Want to try out one of my short stories and see what you think about my writing? "Dancing Lessons" is free.

Dancing Lessons: A Short Story Romance about Battling Alzheimer’s

If you’ve ever:

  • Loved someone…
  • Dealt with dementia or Alzheimers…
  • Lost someone you love…
  • Wish love lasted forever…

This book is for you. A heartwarming short story about the power of lasting love.

“This was a short, well-written, and sweet romance. Rachel and Steven, two old and sick lovers, one suffering from Alzheimer disease, and the other from pneumonia, but both still very much in love. The love is so strong that Rachel could still in a flash, remember not only Nancy, her daughter but also Steven her husband. The joy they share is limitless.” – Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko¬†on Amazon

A Love Some Only Dream of

“A sweet romance reminiscent of The Notebook without all the back story. Lori Soard gave us the important part – the eternal love between a man and wife. I have to wonder if Lori is feeling us out before taking this to a larger format. While I enjoyed this read, I hope there are more like this to come.” – Angela, reader on Amazon

Book Categories: Romance.